Ufa’s progress :)

Ufa is 2,5 years old now, and she has been made his parents proud of her. Her cognitive  progress is significanly rapid enhancing. Since 2 YO she has could sing a lot of children songs such as twinkle2 little star, I love you “barney’ song”, kupu-kupu yang lucu, cicak di dinding, lihat kebunku, satu-satu aku sayang, tik-tik bunyi hujan, nina bobo, bismillah “syamil’ song”, bintang kejora, pelangi-pelangi, selamat ulang tahun, happy birthday, kelinciku, ambilkan bulan bu, naik delman, menanam jangung, ke puncak gunung.

And the proudest of her is she can rote reading of short prayers, such as Al fatihah surah, before sleep-prayer, and for parents-prayer. Subhanallah walhamdulillah thank to Allah that has gave us the most sholehah and clever girl in the world.

Abah and bunda are the luckiest parents in the world that having you as our fruit of love. And we promise to you, girl, that we will serve you as the best as we can do. We will keep praying to your happiness in this world and afterlife.

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